Inherent Surgical Face Mask~5 Boxes Pack / 医用手术口罩~5盒套装

Inherent Surgical Face Mask~5 Boxes Pack / 医用手术口罩~5盒套装

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Inherent Surgical Face Mask~5 Boxes Pack / 医用手术口罩~5盒套装

5 Boxes Pack total 250 pcs / Each box contain 5 sealed packs / 5盒套装共有250片口罩 ~ 每盒有五小包密封包装,每小包10片。

CE Certified medical grade face masks. 

Applicable standard:  EN 14683:2019+AC:2019.  / YY0469-2011

The Type IIR is a premium Surgical Grade Mask designed to give maximum protection. 

Mouthcap This surgical mouthcap Type IIR has a 3D design that connects to your chin, nose and sides of your face. The mouthcap has a triple filter design. The material of the mask is breathable and latex free. With a bacterial filtration efficiency BFE of at least 98%, this is extremely suitable for consumers and/or medical use plus these mouthcaps are water and splash resistant.

Certified by reputable facilities such as TuV Rheinland and Intertek.

The mouthcaps are nicely packed per 10 pieces.  

3-Ply spun-bonded non-woven polypropylene surgical face mask

This mask is a Type IIR

Covers the nose and mouth in order to minimize the incidence of cross-infection

Designed to be used in surgical, medical, dental, food preparation and other clean or sensitive environments

Integral nose plastic coated strip and are lightweight and comfortable 

Surgical Grade Face Masks Premium Type IIR - Box of 50

Test Report: 

医用手术口罩 医用手术型号(品牌:一呵)

执行标准: EN 14683:2019+AC:2019  /  YY0469-2011