50pcs/3 Ply Disposable Surgical Mask / 三层个人防护口罩50片-盒装

50pcs/3 Ply Disposable Surgical Mask / 三层个人防护口罩50片-盒装

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50pcs/3 Ply Disposable Surgical Mask

Recommended For Personal Daily Protection

Tested by TUV SUD PSB Singapore ~ BFE 99.87% (June 2020)

Requirement and test methods: BS EN 14683:2019


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Minimum purchase quantity: 2 boxes


In light of dire circumstances amidst the pandemic, Lingzi Media Pte Ltd, a local publishing company, expanded its business operations and was appointed the sole distributor of SiinMaax 3-ply disposable masks (Surgical Grade) manufactured by Longyan JinRuiTe Household Products Co., Ltd.

SiinMaax 3-ply masks come in 2 sizes, catering to both adults and kids. Certified by CE and FDA, the masks are made from high quality materials with notable specifications – waterproof nonwoven upper and lower layers, melt-blown middle layer, bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) rating of 99%. Compliant with Guidelines by Health Sciences Authority (HSA), Singapore.

For daily protection against bacteria and use in normal medical environment, haze weather, pollen season and highly populated areas with poor air flow. Not suitable for emergency/specific usage that requires sterile equipment such as in operating rooms.

Normal retail price for Box pack:

50 pcs/box for adults – S$32

Related product: 20 pcs/box for kids – S$19

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  由龙岩金瑞特生活用品有限公司生产的星佰蓓三层过滤护卫口罩分为成人口罩(一盒50个)与儿童口罩(一盒20个)两款。产品有欧盟CE与美国FDA注册,口罩上下层为防水无纺布,中间过滤层为熔喷布(Melt-Blown Fabric),细菌过滤效率(BFE)为99%。

  适用于普通医疗环境、烟霾季、日常外出以及人潮聚集、空气不通畅的场所。不适用于必须使用无菌设备的紧急 / 特定场所,例如手术室。

视频示范: https://youtu.be/pa9BOhuu7Iw


[Product’s details / 产品资料]

Name: 3 Ply Disposable Surgical Mask / 三层个人防护口罩

50pcs/Box for adult masks and 20pcs/Box for children masks

Brand: SiinMaax

Singapore Sole Agent: Lingzi Media Pte Ltd


Hospital, haze weather, pollen season and highly populated areas with poor air flow.

      • Elastic Hanging Ear
      • First and third layer - Waterproof Non-Woven Fabric
      • Middle layer - Melt-Blown Fabric with BFE 99% / PFE 90%
      • Breathable, Form-Fitting and Triple Filtration
      • Specification:17.5cm x 9.5cm for adults and 14cm x 9.5cm for kids
      • Materials: Non-Woven Fabric, Melt-Blown Fabric, Nose Bar
      • Manufacturer:Longyan JinRuiTe Household Products Co.,Ltd.
      • Shelf life:Two Years
      • CE standard: EN149-2001+A1:2009 FFP2
      • China Implementation Standard: GB/T32610-2016
      • Materials compliant to China YY0469-2011 standard/Non-Sterile
      • Product Category: Surgical grade mask
      • Colour: Light blue and white
      • Product Certification: CE and FDA certified
      • CE: ICR Polska/CE/V/P3600035
      • FDA: Registration Number 3014383315

        Youtube Demo: https://youtu.be/pa9BOhuu7Iw

      • For batch purchase please contact:info@lingzi.com.sg